Hey Mom, look that's me, Lee, on the front of the cover of the Humorous Guide above! Call me! (Anyone else is also welcome to call me at 909-790-8622 with any questions about the guide, or Medicare in general; but only Mom gets to ask me if I've been eating right.)

Medicare is hard to figure out. The problem is not funny, but the solution is! Get the Guide, and suddenly you go from a pain in the bun, to having fun!

One of the biggest frustrations people have is gathering and trying to make sense of so much Medicare information, much of which doesn’t even fit their situation.

There are four different key situations and the Medicare path a person takes depends on their situation. There isn’t one Medicare Yellow Brick Road.
Then, even when on the right path, there are forks in the road—watch out for the forks!

Those complications are needless confusion caused by an air raid-like bombardment from all sides; including from agents, insurance plans, and opinions from friends, in-laws, and ex-lovers. People often don’t realize that the reason the planeload of information is conflicting is that some information is for one path and some for a different path. Then there is the ex-lover’s path. I think it was called the psycho-path. Avoid that path.

[[[The thing is, you must know your ONE path before looking at other information or listening to cousin Suzy, or reading dry-as-dust material, otherwise you’ll get more confused and waste time AND brain cells. If you want to waste brain cells, there are more enjoyable ways, just ask your little brother. ]]]

This is really the first step! No silly, not your little brother’s methods for wasting brain cells, but getting on the right Medicare path! You must get on this one now, early in the game, or you’ll regret it.

Once you know your path, you can take your time and you’ll go forward with confidence, recognizing and only reading information for your path. The rest you can use for lining the bird cage. Your bird will thank you, it’s not a picky reader. Unless it’s a vulture, they only read the obituaries.

What is the solution to finding your path and understanding the basics? Get a Humorously Serious Medicare Guide from me, Lee Martinson, Medicare Agent Man.

Here’s a few key things about the guide:
It goes over the basics so you know which path to take, including the forks—the forks matter! You’ll know what to do so you can avoid serious mistakes and penalties!
Discloses a seldom talked about FLAW in ALL Medicare plans, even with “full” coverage (including supplements), and shows you how to fix it. This alone makes the guide a crucial read, because without knowing this, you could face high Medicare costs!
The guide is also brain friendly, unless you don’t appreciate clean humor. Studies show that for most people, humor helps retain important information better so you won’t get confused and will feel confident about your choice.

If you order this no-cost guide, your brain will thank you! Sure, your bird loses out and won’t get this one for its cage; but It’s OK, your brain is more important than the bird.
Priorities matter!

The Guide is like those comedy traffic ticket classes, but for Medicare. It will take only 17 minutes to read and when you’re done you’ll have had some more chuckles and will know how to hone in on and pursue YOUR SPECIFIC VERSION OF MEDICARE with a vengeance! But hopefully nicer, please be nice, I like nice people!

I’m a broker in Yucaipa CA and I’ve helped over a thousand people with Medicare enrollment and created thousands of smiles and chuckles; as well as feelings of nice accomplishment at successfully getting Medicare and removing the flaw and lowering their Medicare costs. And why not?

Order your easy copy now!

(We actually mail you a hard copy; but we prefer to call it an easy copy, because it’s easier to read and doesn’t end up lost in spam purgatory!)

The guide comes with no obligation. Nevertheless, here are some excerpts of testimonials from many people who got the guide and/or worked with me (the pictures are actors, but the testimonials are real clients):

Hi! I received the booklet - love the humor! So far this is the easiest booklet to read that I've received. The others just left me feeling confused. Have a great week!
Aleta C., Las Vegas, NV

“PS: Thank you very much. I love your humor”
Sherrie F., Oceano, CA

“Thank you Lee! I look forward to reading your guide. I like your concept of having a pathway.“
Kevin R., San Francisco, CA

“I Enjoy your sense of Humor 😄🤗”
Aaron L, Malibu , Ca

Best thing I ever did was call Lee Martinson..you should today .. save yourself a stomach lining
Beth C.S. , Murrieta, CA

Lee, without your help I was on the verge of going nuts. I was so overwhelmed with all the stuff I got from different people; all the mail, I mean it was crazy. You took away my worries and set me up. I love and appreciate everything you’ve done for me!
John E., Wildomar CA

Lee set me up with a great Medicare advantage plan. He was easy to work with and fun to work with. He really cared about finding the best plan to suit my needs/wants. Professionalism!
Ken M., Yucaipa, CA

Lee is very friendly, no pressure to buy anything, very informative!
Laura L. , Oroville, CA

All of my concerns were addressed well. It was all very helpful. I was very comfortable with your attention and details!
Joey G., West Covina, CA

Very Good!
Suman C., Eastvale CA

I wanted to know about cost, accessibility, services available, and pharmacy coverage. All my questions were answered by you immediately and accurately.

The letter you sent had personality and I felt I was reading a letter from you, not an ad firm. I was at ease and received good information and quickly received my application. I was able to talk with you for help in filling it out. Then I later received my cards from the insurance company so I felt confident that all is in place.
Maureen A, Temecula CA

You helped me to understand the Part B cost better. I was also interested in the Dental and Vision insurance and you explained the how it wasn't covered under Medicare and helped me find an affordable plan for my budget. I am glad I requested the Medicare information from you. You were very helpful and made signing up easy.
Toni M, San Clemente CA

Lee took the stress out of getting the right policy. I liked everything that was sent and smiley face is friendly and reassuring. The storage bag is nicely made and useful because it reminds me to file everything in it.

Lee listened to my concerns and preferences as to which hospital and doctor group I wanted to stay with in my current medical care. He researched the right plan for me and sent me the detailed information. The process was made easy to get enrolled. Your service makes me feel like a valued client and gives me reassurance and peace of mind. I appreciate the humor in the materials sent as well. I am highly impressed by Amanda and Lee always being easily accessible, available and friendly. I would highly recommend Lee Martinson as an agent. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and has a straightforward approach, which I appreciate. He is a really nice person to talk to and Amanda is a delightful and helpful person to talk to as well.
Rosanne C – San Diego, CA

With so many different plans out there you wonder if your getting the right (best) one for yourself. You sent me plenty of info. If I had questions I felt reassured that I could call. I liked the breakdown of the different plans. It really helped me to decide what was best for me. When I had questions Lee always returned my calls. Very friendly. We have the same haircut. 😊 Thank you!
Dale H – Havasu Lake, CA

I was concerned that I would get signed up for SCAN in the appropriate time Lee helped process my application & send all the information requested and he was great on follow-up. It felt good knowing I have everything done.
Leasa E – Fountain Valley, CA

I want to thank Lee Martinson for helping me through the complicated process of figuring out the Medicare application. He was patient and answered all my questions.
Salvador S – Perris, CA

When I first began exploring all the paperwork about signing up for Medicare and Supplement Insurance Plans, I was overwhelmed.

Lee Martinson was very helpful in breaking down the process and the time frame for me, step by step. He was knowledgeable about all the various insurance arrangements and the order of how to apply for everything as well as encouraging me along the way. As I had to apply for Medicare Parts A & B first, he gave me the telephone number for the Social Security Office in my city, and told me what to expect beginning this process.

After listening to my interests, he sent out a plan's information that he thought would best fit my needs. He also included a flow chart to help chart my progress on the Medicare Journey, so I would know what my next step should be as well as a fun little packet of confetti to celebrate completing each step. I liked receiving his packages with the blue happy faces on them because then I could identify these easily from all the other unsolicited medicare agent's information I was randomly receiving in the mail.

Once I had my Medicare Identification Number, I could then apply for a supplement plan, and he walked me through the application step by step over the phone. He made it easy for me to read through the application as important parts were highlighted and marked with sticky tabs as where to sign and date items. He also helped me find a good Prescription Drug Plan to fit my needs as well as a Dental/Vision/Hearing Plan. His assistance was invaluable in aiding me to make these decisions and to feel confident about going through the process to the very end; and his sense of humor helped to lighten the load.
Irene and David B – Brea CA

Lee was excellent in answering all my questions and made it very unstressful at an important time of my life. He made the entire process much easier and explained why he recommended the medical insurance company I have.
He told me what to expect, and always got back to me promptly. It made me feel like I didn’t have to figure Medicare out by myself, Lee guided through every turn in a very important stage of my life. I would definitely recommend Lee and his staff to other friends of mine. Thanks again Lee and staff for all the help.
Frank S – Fallbrook, CA

Lee is a valuable resource when it comes to Medicare planning. I turn 65 in May and he walked me through everything I needed to do and know so I’m all set! I highly recommend Lee and his company!
Russell S., Canyon Lake, CA

Order your easy copy now!

(We mail you a hard copy; but we prefer to call it an easy copy, because it’s easier to read and doesn’t end up lost in spam purgatory!)